What Schools Should Do To Be Ready For Reopening In COVID-19 Period

November 25, 2021

  • The key is to bring children back for some personal interactions with teachers and schools. A hybrid of classroom and online teaching has to be continued, where parents would have full choice of opting the mode of learning and in-person attendance should not be mandatory.
  • Schools will have to implement measures to sanitize commonly touched surfaces periodically
  • Every school needs to make structural modifications required for proper ventilation and spacing inside the classrooms. Conducting classes in open but shaded spaces should be considered.
  • The suitable modification in school transports so as to avoid overcrowding will be needed.
  • All staff in every school should be prioritized for vaccination.
  • Teachers should be empowered with the adoption of COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and, act as the primary interface between schools and parents, having confidence and evidence to answer queries of parents.
  • Periodically sensitizing staff, students and parents on Covid-appropriate behaviour should become integral to the process.
  • Schools need to strengthen the linkage with health services, and preventive check-ups and health promotion talks should become routine. Also, consider engaging a doctor or health expert who could guide the process of opening and also answer queries of parents and teachers.
  • Once re-opened, classes would be fewer than the earlier routine — classes on alternate days, once in three days or even once a week and there can be multiple shifts with reasonable breaks in between.
  • Approaches such as a school bio-bubble, in which students of a specific class would not interact with anyone outside it, need to be explored.

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