Kind Hearted supports the Needy Heart!!

Mr Ameer Hamija Rattihalli aged 46 a resident of Puttur, suffered a heart attack and was admitted to a Hospital in Mangalore on 10/6/15 for treatment. Since this hospital does not cover BPL card (Vajpayee Arogya scheme – a Government scheme for the below poverty line people) the patient was shifted to Indiana Hospital for treatment. Here he successfully underwent an Angioplasty under the care of Dr. Yusuf Kumble, Chief Interventional Cardiologist and Managing Director of Indiana Hospital. To his ill luck his BPL card had not been renewed and his documents were not in order so his cashless claim was rejected. Mr Ameer was unable to pay the full dues to the hospital due to his bad financial condition.
Mr Baburaj Raghavan an NRI who was admitted in Indiana Hospital during that time for a comprehensive full body checkup happened to know about Mr Ameer’s case and his problems. He offered to help Mr Ameer

in his financial crisis. He proposed to help Mr. Ameer & asked Dr. Yusuf Kumble what financial support can Indiana Hospital provide to Mr Ameer ? Dr. Yusuf Kumble offered to wave off 50% on the total hospital bill and the balance 50% was paid by Mr Baburaj Raghavan.
This is a story of two people belonging to different caste, financial status where caste or financial status does not stop a kind hearted Mr Baburaj Raghavan from extending a helping hand to a complete stranger.

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