An unusual gesture from Cardiologists of Indiana Hospital to save a life.

A team of cardiologists led by Dr. Yusuf Kumble became a role model by sponsoring Rs. 5 lakh worth free AICD to save a 70 year old Jailani’s life at Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Ltd Mangalore.

Mr. Jailani Kharvi a resident of New Colony, Purvarga, Bhatkal, Karnataka was admitted under the supervision of Dr. Yusuf Kumble for complaints about suffering from repeated episodes of loss of consciousness.

Mr. Jailani Kharvi was admitted here at Indian Hospital & Heart Institute for treatment under the care of Dr. Yusuf Kumble Chief Interventional cardiologist. Dr. Yusuf Kumble and his team did various tests.. (ECHO, EP study) which determined LV dysfunction (EF-30%) and that he has a life threatening ventricular tachycardia arrhythmia, which can cause sudden cardiac death. The only life saving treatment available is implant of ICD which is a life saving device.

The cost of the device including the hospitalization cost reaches upto Rs. 5 Lakh. Mr. Jailani Kharvi & his family are not financially strong and are unable to raise such huge amount for his treatment; for this reason he got discharged from hospital last month without completing the treatment. Doctors and staff of Indiana Hospital helped him by appealing to the public for financial help through media. Mr. Arshad Motisham & Isbul Battul came forward to help Mr. Jailani. However Mr. Jailani suffered a sudden heart failure and was admitted to our hospital last week. Since this was an emergency, doctors did not waste time to get financial help. Dr. Yusuf Kumble decided to install ICD devise to save his life. He and his colleagues Dr. Mansoor, Dr. Shivashankar took the responsibility and sponsored the implant.

This is a wonderful gesture taken by the doctors to save a life of patients. This kind gesture increases the trust between doctors and patients. Mr. Jailani and his family thank Dr. Yusuf Kumble and his team for their dedication towards saving patients life and providing best care with a new lease of life to him.

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