The Dangers of Magnesium Overdose | Remedies for Magnesium Overdose

The Dangers of Magnesium Overdose

Magnesium overdose is a vulnerable condition and is a disease that is seen increasingly amongst people with an improper lifestyle. Magnesium is a mineral that is naturally found in many foods that we regularly consume. The increase in magnesium in the body leads to a condition called hyper magnesia. In this condition, magnesium is accumulated in the blood. It is alarming to know that the consumption of certain medicines in overdose can lead to magnesium overdose.

Problems caused by Magnesium Overdose

Each disease or condition can be easily identified by the symptoms that they show. Magnesium overdose too has some symptoms to be easily identified. The following are some of the common symptoms of magnesium overdose:


Diarrhea is a condition where the patient experiences frequent upsetting of the stomach. In cases of magnesium overdose, he may also feel nausea and stomach cramps too. Similarly, when a person is said to have Magnesium Overdose, he is said to have altered or abnormal bowel habits. This is said to take place due to some magnesium supplements that they are forced to take. Ideally, in most cases, this supplement is magnesia glycinate. This medicine again is said to work in opposition to the digestive system


There is nothing abnormal when a person feels excessively tired of consuming certain medicines. But a dosage of 7 to 12 mg/ dL is considered normal. Certain magnesium components that cause lethargy are alcohol, salt, coffee, and soda. Hence, these are to be avoided. Magnesium overdose mostly affects the functioning of the heart and lungs. Moreover, the patient may feel extreme fatigue and blood pressure. In the like manner, a dosage above 15.6 mg/dL might lead to coma.

Urine retention

One of the prominent symptoms of Magnesium overdose is urine retention. Normally, excessive urine is flushed out through excessive urine. However, in some extreme condition, the patient is likely to face urine retention. Likewise, the patient might complain about the inability to urinate even if he or she feels the bladder full. This then leads to swelling up of hands, feet, ankles, and legs. In the same fashion, it can affect the physically inactive or bedridden people more.

Remedies for Magnesium Overdose

Remember, Magnesium overdose is a condition and not a permanent illness. It can be treated over a period of time. The following are some of the suggested remedies and treatments to cure Magnesium overdose:

Intravenous Calcium Gluconate

One of the best medicines to cure this very disorder is the prescribed usage of Intravenous Calcium Gluconate. It is usually injected into the patient’s body or circulated in required amounts in periodic intervals. It prevents the diseases that are normally caused due to magnesium overdoses like rickets and osteoporosis. This medicine has been recommended safe to use by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is mostly given to carrying mothers and aged patients.

Intravenous Diuretics

Diuretics are also the increase in the amount of water in order to compensate for the amount of water that is lost from the body. These are simple and cost-effective treatments that are made available to people who are in the risk of magnesium overdose. IV Diuretics is mostly given through normal water that lacks any minerals. This is said to be one of the equally important treatments that can be used for treating and getting rid of the dangers of magnesium overdose.


Dialysis is one of the best treatments often suggested by doctors to those who undergo Magnesium Overdose. The concentration of the plasma is often determined by the amount of magnesium intake. In addition to the fact that Magnesium Overdose is a common disorder, the number of patients who are asked to take a dialysis is comparatively low. Extreme magnesium overdose cases might be asked to take a tinge of extra magnesium. This might lead to the regaining the strength of the kidneys and retaining the requisite amount of magnesium without causing an overdose.

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