• Sleep Deprivation Effects on Academic Performance

    Sleep Deprivation Effects on Academic Performance

    Sleep Deprivation Effects on Academic Performance


    The sleep deprivations effects seen in students create adverse results in the academic performance of a student. Sleep is much needed to a human, especially to a student to keep himself active for a couple of hours. It revitalizes the body for active work for the rest of the day. Students, during their school or college days, are found to skip sleep often. Therefore, they are advised to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day for the active functioning of the body.

    Reasons to sleep deprivation

    Sleep deprivation can have many reasons- deliberative on non-deliberative. The following are some of the common reasons to sleep deprivation:

    • Odd sleeping hours


    • Addiction to social media


    • Insomnia and sleep apnea


    Effects of sleep deprivation

    Sleep deprivation is said to create adverse effects on the lifestyle of a student. These might be dangerous in nature and complicated in nature. The following are some of the effects of sleep deprivation:

    • Drowsiness during the day


    • Mood swings and hallucinations


    • Loss of concentration and memory loss


    Symptoms of sleep deprivation

    • Lapse in concentration


    • Difficulty in cognitive function


    • Impaired motor skills.


    • Headaches


    • Blurred vision.


    Remedies for sleep deprivation

    Sleep deprivation effects can be overcome by taking the remedies at the right time. The following are some of the remedies to overcome sleep deprivation:

    • Follow a proper sleep pattern


    • Cut off all junk foods


    • Do not let students sleep with electronic gadgets by their side.


    • Cut caffeine.


    • Avoid bright lights and loud sounds after a particular time.



    Treatments for sleep deprivation


    Sleep deprivation is a matter to be subjected to serious attention and timely treatment. These are some of the treatments that are suggested for overcoming sleep deprivation:

    • Behavioural and cognitive treatments- These kinds of treatments help the child develop a particular behavioral pattern in their academic life. The following are some such treatments:


    • Relaxation techniques- These techniques work by strengthening the muscles. As a result, it helps to keep the body calm. Also, it improves the mindfulness and the amount of time for which the student can concentrate.


    • Stimulation control- The practice of stimulation control involves the control of mindful activities. One such instance is making the child go to bed only when they feel too and when they are really tired.


    • Consult a sleep specialist- Sleep specialists are those categories of experts who serve helpful when the patient faces problems like sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy or other related disorders.


    • Make a change in the lifestyle- Sleep deprivation happens when the child is made to undergo the same routine. Therefore, it would be good if the students follow an alternative lifestyle pattern. This should again be changed once in a while.


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