Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Seven tips to prevent the disease

September 29, 2021

Early detection of prostate cancer can increase the chances of recovery

September is considered to be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. An important time, then, to remember to get tested. According to the Indian Medical Council of Research, prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers among males.

Dr Shalabh Agrawal, urologist at CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon says the prostate is part of the male reproductive organ which is in front of the rectum. Its function is to secrete a fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm.

“A lot of times, prostate cancer is ignored because the symptoms include difficulty in passing urine, burning sensation while urinating and increased frequency of urine. Patients do not take notice of these symptoms as they are a normal part of ageing,” he says.

The doctor says it is important to follow some tips to prevent prostate cancer. Read on.

1. Consuming foods that have lycopene

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in foods that are red in colour. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Multiple studies show that lycopene prevents damage to DNA as it reduces the free radicals formation.

2. Staying active

Staying fit and in shape can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Exercises like jogging, running, cycling and swimming are not only advantageous for physical fitness, but can also lower the risk of prostate cancer. Research has shown that physical activity can reverse and prevent the risk of cancer development.

3. Being sexually active

Few studies show a direct relationship between the frequency of ejaculation and prostate cancer. Men who ejaculate more have fewer chances of developing prostate cancer — 21 ejaculations per month were found to be enough to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men aged 20-25. Semen accumulation can increase prostate cancer risk by disrupting prostate function.

4. Ensuring a healthy diet with optimal fats

Consuming foods rich in healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, almonds and walnuts are beneficial in the prevention of prostate cancer. Replacing animal fats with plant-based fats can give added benefits as animal proteins are linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

5. Eating food that contains Isoflavones

Isoflavones are found in foods like soybeans, peas, lentils and tofu. The prevalence of prostate cancer was found to be low in men of Asian origin as their intake for isoflavones is higher.

6. Avoiding smoking

Smoking is linked to recurrence of diseases. Patients who smoke frequently are more severely impacted than patients who don’t smoke. A study suggests that people with prostate cancer who quit smoking lived almost a decade more than the people who smoke regularly.

7. Consulting a doctor

Early detection of prostate cancer can increase the chances of recovery. Visit the doctor for a screening to detect early signs and symptoms. Details like family history of cancer are also important. Besides these, difficulties in urination and bleeding while urination can be a sign to get yourself checked.

(Courtesy: The Indian Express)

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