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    Tips and Tricks to prevent monsoon diseases | Indiana Hospital

    Tips and Tricks to prevent monsoon diseases

     monsoon diseases

    Learn more about what causes monsoon diseases and how to prevent it.

    Monsoon is a season of mixed emotions; some loves the rain while some suffer from it. Some enjoy the scenic beauty while some spend in hospitals. It is a fact that many diseases are spread during rainy seasons. The unhygienic surroundings and the carelessness make the situation worse. But there is a way out of this. And as always, ‘prevention is better than cure’. But the preparations must start before the commencement of monsoon season for better effectiveness. As they say, the preparations must start from ourselves! To prevent monsoon diseases, first, we need to be aware of what all are monsoon diseases and how it is caused.

    What causes monsoon diseases?

    There are many monsoon diseases like common Cold, InfluenzaMalaria, Dengue, Diarrhea, and Pneumonia etc. Diseases vary from common flu to viral infections. There are some reasons behind the spreading of such diseases.

    1. Ignoring personal hygiene:

    It is very common that people ignore personal hygiene during monsoon season. As weather may be cold with and very less sweat and humidity, people often think that there is no need for maintaining personal hygiene as they do in summer. Another reason is that there will be fungal growth in clothes, especially in inner wears, as they are not properly dried. This causes rashes, irritation, and infections.

    2. Unhygienic surroundings:

    The most common diseases during monsoon season are the ones spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread dengue, Chikungunya, malaria etc. People usually don’t clean surroundings during monsoon season. Water in small pits, tubs, plates, used tires trash cans, and other plastic/non-plastic tins, store rainwater and become home for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. A teaspoon of stagnant water that is still for four to seven days is enough for breeding.

    Another problem related to unhygienic surroundings is house flies. Wastes are the favorite place of house flies and they spread diseases. House flies spread Typhoid, Cholera, and Dysentery. So it is important to keep the surroundings clean, even in summer, let alone monsoon season.

    3. Unhygienic food:

    There is a high risk associated with food during monsoon season. Chances are that the water around is polluted. Especially when we eat from outside, restaurants or street food, it is very difficult to ensure the cleanliness and purity of water used. Even at houses, since surroundings are kept unclean, house flies spread diseases through water and food.

    We can sum up main reasons in the above three points even though each point has a vast elaboration. But is more important to have a discussion on how to prevent monsoon diseases in the first place. And as already mentioned the preparation needs to start beforehand. Here are some tips to prevent monsoon diseases.

    How to prevent monsoon diseases?

    1. Give importance to personal hygiene:

    This is the first and foremost thing to do. Cleanliness must start at a personal level. Keep your body dry, especially parts like between toes of legs, armpits, between thighs, areas behind knees and elbows, and genital areas. Thus, you can avoid rashes and other skin infections.

    You can use anti-fungal powder if you want to remove sweat, but make sure to clean it properly. Talcum powders along with humidity can become worse. Also, it will help if you use warm water for a bath. Sanitize your hands before having food and clean yourself when reaching home from outside.

    Choose your dressings wisely. Choose monsoon appropriate clothes. This will help you maintain your personal hygiene and prevent monsoon diseases.

    2. Have a look at surroundings:

    Before commencement of monsoon season, you must take initiative to clean your surroundings. To prevent monsoon diseases, you must destroy the sources, which may enable mosquitoes to All things that allow stagnant water must be destroyed. Turn the empty cans and bottles upside down, so that it can’t store rainwater.

    Dispose of the waste properly. Don’t think that natural things like leftover food will decay itself over the period. Find a way to dispose of same as it enhances the growth of flies. Dispose of plastic waste with extreme care. The plastic can also store rainwater and promote mosquito growth. Many common disposal methods like burning cause pollution issues hence, it will be best to reduce the use of plastic. Adapt the method of ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’.

    Keep the house clean: There is a high chance of bacterial growth in house. Humidity promotes the growth of bacteria and fungus.

    3. Get a note on what you eat:

    You may enjoy extra spicy chips and a cup of tea in the rainy But too much of spicy, greasy, fried, fast food can cause digestion issues. You may add more leafy vegetables to your diet. But make sure whatever you eat is fresh and clean. Fruits and vegetables must be washed in boiled water to remove bacteria. Use boiled, purified water to drink. Never trust purifiers alone. Make sure the filters are clean.

    You may love eating outside but avoid street food. In monsoon, the chances of street food being contaminated are much higher. Even if you opt restaurants, ensure the food quality and purity.

    4. Stop self-treatment:

    This is one major problem during monsoon season. People tend to use common medicine without proper diagnosis. If you have any monsoon disease and you treat yourself, chances are higher that you end up in a great So whenever you find yourself in a state of cold or flu, don’t ignore the symptoms and contact a physician. The earlier the better. Many diseases can be treated with great ease if diagnosed at the beginning stage.

    India is known for simple tips and tricks to solve common illness. It is advisable that don’t try it without a diagnosis of disease. Many monsoon diseases have common symptoms like the rise in temperature, cough, cold etc. So it is important to have a proper checkup and get to know what disease you have.

    These tips are important, as it can save a lot that matters to you- your health, time, money, happiness and what not! A little precaution can make a great difference. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful rain with soothing music.

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