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Learn more about Plastic surgery – reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Though the history of modern-day plastic surgery date centuries back, until recent time, there was a misconception that, plastic surgery is only limited to aesthetic surgery. It is something celebrities do for improving their body or facial features and thereby improving looks. But now, we know that aesthetic surgeries are only one of the many branches of plastic surgery. The technological advances had made it affordable for the common people. Earlier it was difficult to think about reconstructing body organs and using corrective measures. All of these are widely used by people now.

The plastic surgeries are highly specialized ones. It requires careful handling of skin, tissues, and precise cutting and suturing. With the advancement of technology, miniaturized tools, the procedure had become more accurate.

The 3 aspects of Plastic surgery are restoration, reconstruction, and alteration of the human body. There are mainly two types of plastic surgery and subspecialties. The first one is reconstructive surgery and the other one is cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries.

Reconstructive surgery

The surgery intends to restore or reconstruct the body organs. There are various situations that this surgery is used. There are situations that human body parts are disfigured either genetically or by accident.

  • Cancer patients: For some women, breast(s) are removed due to cancer. Some other patients have scars, which are the aftereffects of cancer or cancer treatment. Breasts are reconstructed by plastic surgery to have a normal appearance.
  • Genetically disfigured: Some children are born with congenital defects. Conjoint fingers, cleft palates, cleft lips etc. are reconstructed by the plastic surgery. Extremity defects are also corrected. Maxillofacial surgeries are carried out not for looks, but for the proper functioning of mouth.
  • Accidents: Accidents can cause disfiguration on face, nose etc. There might be a loss of tissues and skin in several parts of the body. This is corrected using plastic surgery. This surgery also includes reattaching an amputated finger or toe or implanting prosthesis.
  • Burn: Fire accidents often cause loss of skin and tissue. The plastic surgery involves tissue and skin transplantation.
  • Scar surgery: Scars occur due to different reasons. Reconstructive surgery removes scars.

When local tissues aren’t available, doctors might do microsurgery. The free skin and tissues including fat are removed from one side of the body, transfer to another and then reconnect with the blood cells.

Cosmetic surgery/ aesthetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is altering the shape or size of any body part according to their liking. Many famous celebrities had gone through the same to improve their appeal. Who will forget Michael Jackson, one of the most famous persons who had undergone cosmetic surgeries? Not only face, there are surgeries to increase or decrease the size or realign the position of various body parts.

Recently many people do surgeries to remove the fat. Abdominoplasty is the process of removing and reshaping the abdomen. Liposuction removed the fat deposits by suction technique.

There are cosmetic surgeries for lip enhancement, reshaping of nose (rhinoplasty), reshaping of ear (Otoplasty), removal of wrinkles from neck and face (Rhytidectomy), augmentation of chin (Genioplasty), cheek augmentation, manipulation of facial bones by controlled fracturing (Orthognathic Surgery), reshaping of face (Zygoma reduction plastic) etc.

The most common among these are breast enhancements and altering facial features.

While reconstructive surgeries mainly aim for the proper functioning of the body, cosmetic surgeries intend to improve the ‘looks’.

Preparation for the surgery

For some plastic surgery is a necessity while for others it is luxury. In either case, it is important to understand the procedure and be prepared for the same. A few types of people can’t undergo plastic surgery

  • Cancer patients who have cancer which might spread to other parts
  • Patients who are recovering from cardiac problems, severe infections or other serious diseases.
  • People who have hepatitis or HIV infection
  • People who have blood clotting problems.

The preparation needs extensive counseling, stop taking some medicines and consumption of alcohol/cigarettes.

Some patients like cancer patients need more extensive education about the procedures and aftereffects.

The medical preparation depends on the type of surgery. The smaller ones like the removal of warts can be done with local anesthesia while some others are a procedure that is more complicated.

Risks involved

No surgery is 100 percent safe; it is the same in the case with Plastic surgery. Be it reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, there is risk involved.

  • There might be a rejection of implanted skins or body parts
  • Sustained redness and irritation in the area
  • Infection
  • Undesired scars
  • Persistent pain and swelling
  • Complications because of unforeseen situations like excess bleeding.

These are risks involved with any sort of surgery. Normally the results of Plastic surgery are satisfactory without much complication.

Before taking the decision

  • Decide: decide whether you need a surgery or not, especially in case of cosmetic surgeries. As said, nothing comes with a cent percent Sometimes, the problem is low self-esteem, which makes you think that you aren’t beautiful enough. If you are taking a decision, you must be prepared for the aftereffects also.
  • Educate self: It is important to analyze your condition, evaluate the pros and cons of the surgery, understand the risk factors and then go for it.
  • Check the quality of hospital and doctor: When it comes to your body and health, nothing in this world matters most. Someone might offer a less expensive procedure, but make sure to check the quality (history of successful surgeries) in the hospital and record of accomplishment of the doctor.
  • Some parlors and salons offer the services like the removal of warts and certain other procedure. Think twice before consulting such an agent. There are high chances of risk involvement and infection. Some institutions work illegally and work without certification.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery isn’t an alien thing anymore. The congenital defects are corrected in the infant/pediatric level itself. Hence, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of Plastic and reconstructive surgery.

I hope this article helped you understand more about ‘Plastic and reconstructive surgery’.

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