• Childhood obesity treatments- Why and when?

    Childhood obesity treatments- Why and when?

    Childhood obesity treatments- Why and when?


    Being forced to take obesity treatments at a very young age is the most disheartening things that a child is made to go for. However, obesity is one of the most serious medical conditions in concern with children. It is a matter of great concern if the children start gaining weight at a very young age. This is to be taken seriously from the very beginning. The reasons for childhood obesity could be hereditary or purely physical.

    Reasons for obesity treatments

    If scrutinized with a bit of precision, there could be various reasons for a child to undergo obesity treatments. The following are some of them:

    • Heredity– There are chances of the child becoming obese if the family comprises of obese people.


    • Lifestyle– The fatty foods and fizzy drinks consumed in huge quantities frequently can lead to obesity.



    • Socioeconomic reasons– This points out situations when the child has succumbed to the consumption of fatty foods. This could later become an addiction.


    • Environmental reasons– If the child lives in a confined atmosphere, he may not be involved in any physical activities. This could make him more obese.


    Symptoms forcing to undergo obesity treatments


    Obesity is a disorder that shows visible symptoms from the very beginning itself. The following are some of the most prominent symptoms that confirm the need to undergo obesity treatments:

    • Large body frames– If the child is growing beyond the required weight or height, it might be one of those reasons for obesity.


    • Improper or frequently fluctuating BMI – It is always good to chart the height and weight of the child and know what ideal measurements are needed.


    • Breathing disorders, irregular bowel movements, gastro-esophagus related diseases– Check if the child is a patient of any of these. It might be a sign of obesity.


    • Orthopedic diseases– If the child develops orthopedic abnormalities (joint pains, tiredness after walking a while, inability to exercise) then, he must get started with obesity treatments.


    • Accumulation of abdominal fat– The development of pot belly from a very young age should definitely be taken seriously and taken quick treatment.


    Risks of obesity

    • Hypertension.


    • Insulin resistance syndrome.


    • Sleep-disordered breathing (sleep apnea).


    • Asthma and intolerance to exercises.


    • Non-alcoholic fatty liver.


    Complications of obesity

    • Hypertension.


    • Type 2 diabetes.


    • Pulmonary issues- Sleep disorder, asthma and inability to exercise.


    • Asymptomatic coronary atherosclerosis.


    • Chronic inflammation.


    Remedies suggested in obesity treatments


    • Bariatric surgery– This is a surgery where a small part of the stomach containing fatty tissues is removed.


    • Roux-en-y gastric bypass – This kind of surgery is recommended for a quick weight loss by creating a connecting bag between the stomach and the small intestine.


    • Self-care– The children to follow a well-planned diet, involve in a strict physical exercise and have a low amount of time spent on screens.


    • Consult specialists– It is always good to take an expert opinion from well-known endocrinologists, nutritionists, pediatricians, and health experts.


    Precautions to prevent obesity


    • Avoid sugary snacks and junk food.


    • Limit high-calorie foods even at home.


    • Choose a time span for watching screens.


    • Do not stuff the kids with humongous quantities of food.


    • Serve the kids fiber-rich foods.


    • Do not reward the kids with sweets or junk food.


    • Track the child’s weight at once a week.


    • Consult a dietician or a paediatrician at regular intervals.

    Obesity is now becoming a common trend amongst the children of the present generation. If the tendency becomes a trend, we will soon be looking over to an unhealthy generation. It is therefore advisable for the parents to help their kids lead a healthy life by avoiding childhood obesity.

    We hope you understood more about the need and the risks involved in taking childhood obesity treatments. Please do comment on your views and doubts on the topic. Indiana Hospital and Heart Institute are one of the best hospitals in Mangalore. We always provide best treatments etc.