Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Ltd celebrated Doctors Day

  •  Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Ltd celebrated Doctors Day

     Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Ltd celebrated Doctors Day on Monday, July 1 by felicitating all the doctors on its rolls.

    Dr Ali Kumble, chairman of the hospital and Dr Yusuf Kumble, managing director, felicitated all the consultants. Dr Yusuf Kumble welcomed the gathering. Dr Naveen Chandra Alva, senior consultant surgeon, was present.

Awareness talk on cancer held at Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute

  • Karnataka’s First Per-cutaneous Mitral Valve Replacement done at Mangalore

    A 60 year old man got a fresh lease of life after one of the rarest heart valve replacements (Valve in Valve) was done for the first time in Karnataka, by a team of doctors led by Dr. Yusuf Kumble at Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute, Mangalore.

    Mr. Raghavan, a patient hailing from Kerala, had undergone an open heart surgery and mitral valve replacement in Kerala about 12 years ago.  His artificial valve degenerated and slowly became dysfunctional during the last one year. He consulted many doctors at different hospitals for treatment of heart failure and was advised to redo open heart surgery in order to change the valve. He was suffering not only from heart failure but kidney failure too due to which redo open heart surgery would be highly risky. Hence doctors were not willing to perform the surgery on him. He had lost all hope. He was admitted to Indiana Hospital ICU and during the two weeks his heart condition worsened and was on ventilator.

    He was offered a new modality of treatment of replacing the mitral valve with another artificial valve without open heart surgery. In this method a large hose-like pipe is introduced through the leg vein and enters into the right heart under fluoroscopic guidance. Then this enters the left heart after making a small hole in the inter-atrial wall of the heart. Through this wire a folded balloon mounted valve is carried to the left heart and positioned across the mitral valve. The valve is then implanted under fluoroscopic guidance.

    This new treatment is done without opening the heart. Unlike angioplasty and stent which is only 3-4 mm in diameter, a heart valve is 23-28 mm in diameter. This is quite difficult to implant inside the heart without open heart surgery. This mode of treatment was introduced about five years back in the west and is slowly becoming popular. In India this the 15th valve implant and the first percutaneous valve implant in the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala.

    This procedure was performed on Thursday, February 14 by a team of doctors led by Dr Yusuf Kumble. The team included Dr. Prashanth Vaijayanth and Dr Gopal Murugan from Chennai, Dr Abdul Mansoor and Dr. Jenu James. As this is a high risk and first-of-its-kind attempt, an efficient cardiac surgery team led by Dr Prashanth Vaijayanth was ready for backup in case of any emergency.

    “With the success of this procedure, we are proud that Indiana Hospital occupies one of the top spots in India’s healthcare map. This is another feather in the cap of Mangalore, and its growing stature as a destination for state-of-the-art healthcare,” says Dr. Yusuf Kumble, Managing Director of Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute.


    Dr. Yusuf Kumble

    Chief Interventional Cardiologist

Awareness talk on cancer held at Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute

  • World Cancer Day 4th Feb 2019 at Indiana Hospital

    On World Cancer Day 4th Feb 2019, Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute, Mangaluru has organized Cancer awareness talk.  The talk was given by Dr Dharma Kumar, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, MBBS, MS General Surgery, MCh Surgical Oncology.

    On World Cancer Day, February 4, Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute, Mangaluru organised an awareness talk on cancer. The talk was given by Dr Dharma Kumar, consultant surgical oncologist.

    Dr Dharma Kumar explained about the purpose and goal of World Cancer Day, which is to encourage cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Hence, significantly reduce the illness and the death caused by cancer.


  • Continued Medical Education, Department of Emergency Medicine, Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Mangaluru, organized a grand CME RESUSCITICON 2019 Theme : “Timely Care Saves Lives” at Indiana Hospital Auditorium on 27-01-2019. The program was inaugurated by – Dr Mohamed Alwi Bin HJ Abdul Rahman Head of the Department Senior Consultant ER & Disaster Management, Hospital Selayang Kepong, Malaysia Dr Vimal Krishnan Pillai Assistant Professor ER Medicine , Jubiliee Mission Hospital Dr Yusuf Kumble , Chief Interventional Cardiologist & MD , Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Mangaluru. DR Ali Kumble , Chief Paediatrician & Chairman, , Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Mangaluru. Dr Salfi P.K. Consultant Emergency & HOD & ER Team.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Machine Unveiled

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine unveiled at Indiana Hospital and Heart Institute Mangaluru on Friday the, 18th January 2019 at 10:30 am, Venue, Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute, Pumpwell, Mangalore. The program is inaugurated by Rev Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director Father Muller Medical College Mangaluru along with Dr Anand V, Medical Director, KMCH Hospital Mangaluru. Dr A. V. Shetty, Senior Cardiologist from Mangalore is also present for the program.

Launch of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Welcoming you all to the auspicious occasion of the launch of this innovative Technology.

Visit of Bahrain Princess to Indiana Hospital

Health talk & BLS (Basic Life Support) Training

  • Health talk & BLS (Basic Life Support) Training at Kasaragod Municipalty Vanitha Bhavan, Kasaragod, Kerala

Celebrating Childhood and Launching of Indiana Children’s Institute

  • Conferring of NNF Course Certificates, Drawing competition Winners.

Indian Coast Guard BLS 2018

CME 2018

  • CME which was held on 7th October 2018 at Bekal, Kerala.


AGM 2018


  • Congratulations to

    Dr. Devarath Shetty, Dr.Bharath Bhushan M S, Dr Samuela Cian Rego, Dr.Mohammed Arif Masood for successfully completing Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) course. Wishes from IHHI for the successful future endeavor