• 6 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Newborn Baby | Baby care

    6 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Newborn Baby | Baby care


    6 Things you need to stop doing to newborn baby | Baby care


    baby care

    Learn more about the mistakes you do while taking care of the newborn baby | Baby care.

    Babies are the bundles of joy. The cute little smiles and frowns create a magic world inside us. Every parent wants to give their baby the best they could. The parents of newborn babies are often terrified and confused. If they already have a kid, they will try those techniques they tried for their elder kids. Owing to the fact that, each child is different, those techniques might not work. This creates more worry. They will try every piece of information, every single advice about soothing, feeding, bathing, putting into sleep and what not so that they get so that the baby is comfortable and healthy. Alas! That information is wrong, most of the time and might have the effect exactly opposite to the intention. Baby care seems to an Everest and the sleeplessness and tiredness can make the situation worse.

    First, be sure that no one knows what is better for your kid than you do! You are the one who gave birth to the baby and you have the ability to handle your angel. Sometimes it happens that, when we try to provide the best, we end up in doing blunders, which is not at all good for the baby. Let’s have a look on those

    1. Don’t try the ‘cry it out’ method

    Sometimes you get the awful advice that let the baby cry, it will subside soon, if you try to soothe it will become a habit, the baby will be adamant etc. Please don’t do that. It’s too soon to discipline your child. The baby might be sleepy, hungry, or having some sort of discomfort and you are the one who is responsible to take care of the baby. Close your ears to all such advice about baby care. Don’t let the baby cry for long. Apart from the health issues, there is another aspect also. The world is alien to the kids. Until now, the baby was in the safest place, it ever could be- the womb. When he/she is welcomed into the outside world, it is also important to build trust in the universe.


    1. Don’t underfed, overfed, follow a strict schedule

    There is another notion that there should be at least 3-hour gap between feeding. Though it is good, it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, the baby gets hungry soon. Don’t hold back only because it isn’t been 3 hours since the last feeding. Also, some want a chubby baby and the misconception about baby care that chubbiness equates healthiness adds to this. That is why some mothers try to force feed baby or overfed even after the little tummy is full. Don’t do that too. The baby knows when to stop sucking. If the baby falls asleep, it means feeding is enough for now. The reverse situation is also worse. The baby may be a little chubby when born. In the effort to reduce the weight, don’t try to underfeed. It does the worst to the kid. Do remember that the only source of nutrients in a newborn’s body is through the breast milk.

    As we are talking about feeding, I would also like to point that, don’t try to feed baby in one go. Try to burp out the gas in between feeding. Else, it will be too late the baby gets uncomfortable and suffers from pain. Also, don’t let the baby suck air.

    Baby care

    1. Don’t let too many people handle the kid.

    In India, even though we have shifted to nuclear family setup, we are still a giant joint family. The relatives, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, cousins there will be too many people present to wish the baby all the blessings and love. Now it makes emotional happiness, don’t let those handle the newborn baby. The infant’s body won’t have a strong immunity and can’t resist the numerous germs carried by the family. There is no assurance that every single person took the necessary precautions for baby care before reaching out to the baby. Those kisses and caresses might become infectious to the infant. So, only let the immediate family handle the infant for a while.

    1. Don’t go all silent when a newborn is sleeping

    The sound can actually travel through the womb, making it a noisy place. This also means that the baby is accustomed to the voice of the world. Once the baby is asleep, there is no need to go Hush-baby mode. Let the baby sleep in midst of voices and he/she will be comfortable with it soon. Baby care ambiance need not be in silent mode.

    1. Stop using Kohl and Talcum powder

    This is especially significant in India. Indians use Kohl (Kajal) to remove ‘Evil eye’ from the newborn baby. As it is tradition, many can’t stop using it. But make sure at least you don’t use Kohl in the eyes. It is obvious that babies cry a lot, there are high chances that the Kohl spread to the eye and this can be dangerous for the baby. The Kajal (natural or chemical) isn’t good for baby’s eyes.

    Our obsession towards white skin makes us use talcum powders, lotions, creams and what not. We are really convinced that talcum powder is essential for baby care. There is a problem with it. The lotion or powder with a little damp can be a paste and stuck in between skin of baby like neck, hand and leg joints etc. Eventually, this will lead to rashes and skin problems. Your kid doesn’t need any talcum powder and before using a lotion, consult your doctor. Make sure you wipe the water completely after a bath.

    1. Stop letting them play with stuffed animals and non-certified toys.

    We are so eager to gift them the best toys to play with. But before you do, be sure that it is safe for the baby. Stuffed animals often have a large amount of dust in them as they have many narrow hairs (don’t believe? Try washing your stuffed animal toy). This causes allergy and illness to the baby.

    Substandard toys might have paint and chemicals, which are allergic to the kid. Also, if the baby is in the age of chewing, these chemicals can be highly dangerous. So before you buy those toys, make sure it is the best for your newborn.

    Newborn babies are delicate human beings. They need extreme care and love so that we bring up a healthy child. You will know the best for your child. Consult your doctor for any doubts and support. It is obvious that you must be exhausted and depressed. But that isn’t an excuse. Let’s take good baby care and leave behind all the unhealthy habits.

    I hope this article helped you understand more about ‘Things you shouldn’t do to your newborn baby’.

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