• The Causes and Remedies to Migraine

    The Causes and Remedies to Migraine

    The Causes and Remedies to Migraine


    Migraine is one of the common problems that is faced by almost all age categories nowadays. It is mostly a throbbing pain to one side of the head. A patient with such a condition is said to feel prolonged pain which may last for about four hours or more. However, there is a difference between a normal headache and a migraine. A headache is caused by an abnormality in the nerves while migraine is caused due to the straining of nerves,

    Reasons for Migraine

    There are several reasons for a migraine. If examined with utmost precision, the reasons for such immense pain are many in number. The following are some of them:

    • Genetic- Migraine can be caused if any members of the family are seen to have a history of the same.
    • Age- There is no particular age limit for people to get affected.. However, it is most commonly seen in the category of teenagers to those in their 30s.
    • Gender- It is said that women are said to be affected three times more than men.
    • Neural signals- The trigeminal nerve that runs across the eyes, head, and mouth are said to weaken causing this ache.


    Symptoms of Migraine


    There could be several symptoms of migraine that most of us ignore at times. The following are some of the symptoms of that should be taken care of:


    Remedies of Migraine


    • Avoid stressful conditions and situations.
    • Have at least 8 hours of good sleep.
    • Take therapies like muscle relaxation and acupuncture.
    • Consult a general physician or a neurologist at the earliest.


    Precautions to take


    • Avoid fizzy drinks and junk food.
    • Do not expose yourself to bright lights.
    • Avoid loud noises.
    • Do not cut the sleep hours short.
    • Avoid stress, tensions, and worries.
    • Stop smoking.


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