• Major monsoon diseases

    Major monsoon diseases

    Major monsoon diseases and precautions to be taken


    The arrival of monsoon is the time of ill health and the beginning of many other major monsoon diseases too. The unhygienic environmental conditions and the lack of preventive measures are the reasons for the attack of such diseases. Also, sometimes, when left undiagnosed, it may lead to further complications that require specific medical attention. Therefore, it is equally important to take the best prevention and cure without wasting much time. Ahead, we shall see some of the monsoon diseases that people most commonly get affected by.

    Major monsoon diseases to beware of

    Not all of us are fully aware of the major monsoon diseases that can easily attack the body and put us bedridden for a couple of days. The following are some of them:

    • Malaria and Dengue


    The worst problem faced during the monsoon season is the clogging of contaminated water. This then becomes a cause to mosquito breed as well. As a result, it leads to life-threatening situations and a reason for ill health. Since both these diseases are spread through the same source, there are chances of greater risks. The most noted features of malaria and dengue are body pain, high fever and chills. Therefore, the best way to stay safe is to keep away from contaminated water. Instead, the use of boiled or lukewarm water for drinking and daily use is recommended best.

    • Cholera


    Being one of the major monsoon diseases, the root cause of cholera is said to be the consumption of contaminated water. Again, this condition might also happen when one does not follow the proper hygienic measures. It is mostly spread through mucus and stool samples, therefore.  Some of the prominent symptoms of this condition are dehydration, wrinkled skin, low bp and dry mouth. Cholera is also said to be extremely infectious in nature. Hence, it is mostly advised by the medical practitioners that the maintenance of personal hygiene measures can help by large.

    • Gastroenteritis


    Gastroenteritis is a condition that is commonly caused due to increased parasite transmission. The core reason to being infected by this disease is due to open defecation. Gastroenteritis can also be spread through clogged water and puddles. This can again be caused by inflammation and irritations within the stomach linings. Therefore, the best remedy to overcome the major monsoon diseases like Gastroenteritis is to keep oneself rehydrated or start with prescribed painkillers.

    Other major monsoon diseases to know of


    The following are some of the other major monsoon diseases, other than the above mention ones that you must essentially know of:

    • Scabies


    The key symptom of scabies is sores and heavy bleeding on the outer skin. It is hence one of those major monsoon diseases that can spread through clothing, bedding and also furniture. However, it takes almost 2 to 6 weeks to develop by when it can be treated. It is mainly characterized by heavy itching, rashes, sores and blisters. Due to the same again, thick crusts are seen to develop on the outer skin. However, these kinds of major monsoon diseases spread through joints and genitals. It can mostly be healed with moisturizers and antibiotics.

    • Chikungunya


    The main reason for the spread of chikungunya is the breeding of mosquitos in areas where there is water clogging. Also, it is a condition that can be spread through a virus too. It can be confirmed with the help of symptoms such as chills, fever, body pain and weakness. Some also say that prolonged fever is a symbol of chikungunya too. Some of the extreme symptoms of such major monsoon diseases are sores in muscles and stiffness in joints. On such instances, immediate treatment and rejuvenation can help.

    • Viral fever


    Viral fever is characterized by viral infections and temperature. These are the major monsoon diseases that create a viral attack on the body and affect the body fluids as well. It again affects the body fluids and reflects as fever at regular intervals and chills. In such cases, it is advised to take a detailed medical examination, medication and proper bed rest.


    More monsoon diseases and precautions

    There are some more monsoon diseases that one must stay aware and alert about:

    • Diarrhoea


    It is a known fact that diarrhoea is one of those monsoon diseases that is spread through contaminated water. It is mainly seen when the proper hygienic measures are failed to be practised. Similarly, exposure to a lot of heat can also lead to diarrhoea. Some of its common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, fever, cramps and loss of appetite. The best way to overcome the same is to keep consuming ORS solutions, salts and fluids. Then, it should also be made a point to consume a lot of fluids too.

    • Leptospirosis


    This is one of those bacterial diseases that affect both humans as well as animals. The peculiarity of this kind of monsoon diseases is that it cannot be easily identified through symptoms. However, there are multiple methods of diagnosis and complete cure of this condition.

    • Precautions


    The following are some of the precautions that can help us prevent monsoon diseases.

    • Keep yourself rehydrated with plenty of water.
    • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.
    • Keep your garments dry in order to prevent fungal infection.
    • Use separate handkerchiefs and towels to prevent the spread of infections.
    • Consult a doctor without making any further delay.