Department of Laparoscopy provides the State of art minimally invasive surgery at affordable cost.  Laparoscopy is a specialized field were technology in combination with surgeon’s skills gives you a highly satisfying experience as you undergo surgical procedures for your recovery. Not all diseases can be cured by medicine. Some need surgical intervention at the right time to lead you to recovery. Times have changed for the better from the days were surgery would mean prolonged agony for the patients due to large wounds on the body and prolonged hospitalization for patient and also for bystanders. Thanks to technology and modern understanding of various diseases, the patients can undergo surgery and be back to work within the same week. Several of the surgeries are now made day care surgeries where you can be resting at home on the eve of your surgery.

Modern surgery aims to put you to path of recovery as early as possible making the word surgery sound like playing with the kitten and not facing the lion.


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