Indiana Laboratory is committed to give excellent, timely report to IPD, OPD and health check up patients. The laboratory is committed in giving shortest turnaround time not only in Biochemistry tests but also in microbiological and pathology tests through its well trained staff and a strong IT support. It not only serves in-hospital patients but also of patients admitted in other hospitals without good laboratory services.

The laboratory is managed by a full time Pathologist and a Microbiologist. The laboratory is well equipped with Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzers like COBAS c311 and COBAS e411. The laboratory also has Sysmex 5-cell Haematology analyzer, Roche Arterial Blood Gas analyzer and BACTEC 9050 Automated Blood culture systems. The laboratory reports malaria detection through Quick Buffy Coat Malarial Parasite Fluorescent Technique (MPFT).

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