• Indiana institute of Cardiac Science

    Indiana institute of Cardiac Science

    The Indiana Institute of Cardiac Science under the Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute Ltd.  The objective of the Institute is to bring together all aspects of cardiac care services under one roof to provide sustainable, comprehensive and affordable care to all class of patients.  This will be the first of its kind in the region.

    Our Mission

    To create a Centre of Excellence by integrating medical care, teaching and research to deliver the entire range of Cardiac Care under one roof. We aspire to be the best Cardiac Centre in region catering to all sections of the society while maintaining highest quality of patient care and ethics. “

    Our Statement of Values

      • Quality: We strive to maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes.


      • Innovation:  We innovate and find efficient ways of delivering healthcare to reduce the financial burden to our patients.


      • Teamwork:  We collaborate and share knowledge with professionals of every discipline for the ultimate benefit of our patient.


    In a short span of time the Institute has already treated a large number of cardiac patients with success rates comparable to the international standards.

    For More Details : www.indianahearts.in

    Indiana Heart Care:

    Indiana Hospital & Heart Institute has achieved several milestones in the field of interventional Cardiology like the radial complex coronary intervention procedures done for the first time in Mangalore.

    Quick Response Emergency Cardic Care Team

    Our expert Cardiac team, consisting of eminent professionals, available 24/7, facilitates unique emergency management of heart attack patients.

    The Hospital has ICU ambulances equipped with mobile ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen, monitors and other advanced equipments with centralized monitoring and tracking system. The ambulance is manned by qualified doctors and Advanced Life Support (ALS) trained paramedics.

    The patient will start getting the treatment immediately as soon as the ambulance reaches him. Thus the delay in treatment during transportation can be avoided. This will ensure better treatment outcomes as the ICU care starts even before the patient reaches the hospital.

    Upon reaching the Hospital, Primary angioplasty (Emergency angioplasty), the internationally accepted gold standard of treatment, is administered to the patient immediately. This results in excellent outcomes and survival rates.

    The other super specialty disciplines also ensure comprehensive care for the cardiac patients who undergo intervention with multi system failure like kidney failure, liver failure, stroke, COPD & Sepsis.

    Preferred destination for treatment

    Our medical ICU & CCU are par with international standards. Our Hospital is the preferred choice for people from all walks of life including doctors. Many patients are referred from Gulf counties & various parts of India for highly specialized radial angioplasty procedure.

    Heart Checkup

    Prevention is always better than cure, hence we offer a range of check up package for Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup

    Departments of the Cardiac Institute 

    1. Department of Interventional Cardiology
    2. Department of Clinical Cardiology
    3. Department of Pediatric cardiology
    4. Department of Cardiac Electrophysiology
    5. Department of Cardiac surgery
    6. Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.
    7. Department of Vascular surgery

    Specialty Clinics

    1. Hypertension Clinic
    2. Vascular Clinic
    3. Chest pain Clinic