• Indiana Children’s Institute

    Indiana Children’s Institute

    Indiana Children’s Institute:

    Indiana Children’s Institute caters tertiary care services to paediatric and women patients under the leadership of Dr. (Prof) Dr. Ali Kumble.


    Department of Paediatrics offers General Paediatrics, Developmental paediatrics, Adolescent medicine, Child Psychology etc… Department has good Paediatric medical and surgical intensive care units.

    Department of Neonatology has well equipped Neonatal intensive care units, managed by qualified nurses, duty pediatricians, backed by highly qualified consultant neonatologists. The Unit is equipped with incubators, ventilators, warmers, sepsis isolation chamber etc… Department of pediatric surgery is offers all kind of pediatric surgeries

    Facilities available in Pediatric and Neonatal Department are

    • Paedaitric emergency ( 24/7) – All Medical and surgical emergenceis including trauma
    • Paediatric intensive care – 6 bedded equipped with ventilators, provision for dialysis and post- op care. Caring for all paediatric emergency in all subspeciality – Cardiac, Nephrology, Neurology, Respiratory etc.
    • Level 3 NICU – 20 bedded equipped with warmers , incubators , CPAP , Conventional ventilator and High freqency ventilator. Caring for extreme premature ( < 1kg ) neonates ,comprehensive care for all sick newborns , Post-op care for neonatal surgical and cardiac intervention.
    • OPD service- General paediatrics and Neonatal population.
    • Speciality backup with Senior experienced Consultants– Paediatric surgery , Orthopaedic, Paediatric Cardiology , Cardio-thoracic surgery ,Nephrology, Neurology ,Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT ,Endocrinology,Child psychiatry.
    • Provision for – Bedside Echo , EEG , Portable X-ray, Neurosonogram, CT , Dialysis available.
    • Neuro developement follow-up clinic and Physiotherapy department.


    NICU highlights

    Comprehensive Extreme low birth weight care ( ELBW care)

    • ELBW babies are those born premature before 7months ( 27-30 wks) with birth weight less than 1kg ( 500gms-1000gms ).They are tiny ,tender requiring round the clock very gentle care from a team of trained NICU staff and experienced Neonatologist for almost 1to 2month till they attain atleast 1.5kg .During their stay in NICU they require multisystem support and monitoring for example -incubator care, respiratory support with either CPAP or ventilator , Parentral nutrition support through central line because they cannot be fed immediately and they tend to loose weight till feeds are established. Their immunity is very low so they succcumb to infection very early, so they need to be cared with high level of aseptic precaution and gentleness with trained NICU staff.
    • They end up in complication of prematurity like RDS, apnea , sepsis ,PDA, IVH , NEC , ROP which needs timely diagnosis and appropriate mangement.This need 24hrs monitoring supervised by specialist , lab back up , bedside Echo , portable x-ray, neurosonogram.They require ROP screen to prevent blindeness and may require laser treatment. After graduating from NICU theay require neurodevelopemental follow up and interventions to prevent morbities.The dedicated nursing staff at NICU and specialists at Indiana Hospital are available 24×7 to give comprehensive care for all the neonates under their care.

    We have to our credit saving quadruplets and triplets born ELBW with average weight of 600gms.(Insert photos)
    Neonatal surgeries

    • Few neonates are born with congenital anomalies of organs for example diaphragmatic hernia , anal atresia , congenital megacolon, Tracheoesophageal fistula , but if they are diagnosed and treated at right time by experienced surgeons in the pediatric surgical field and supported by good NICU care the outcome is very good and they have normal life expectancy.Our senior Pediatric surgeon Dr.Ganesh Pai .K has immense experience with good results with neonatal surgeries. The few cardiac and cardio-thoracic intervention in neonatal period are life saving like PDA ligation ,BT shunt , Atrial septostomy , aortic ballon dilatation for Coarctation of aorta. These life saving measures are done by cardiac team.These neonates in their pre and post operative period do require NICU care and various system support which is well accomplished by Indiana NICU staff and specialists.


    PICU highlights –
    Paediatric population suffer from various us and noninfectious disease and end up organ failure requiring timely diagnosis and intensive care management.

    Tertiary care Services Offered

    • Respiratory failure –, Severe asthma , complicated pneumonia, ARDS, Emphyema and may require prolonged ventilator support ( conventional and HFO) , ICD insertion ,Decortication and tracheostomy
    • Acute kidney failure – Hemolytic uremic syndrome , Leptospira , Dengue and may require dialysis or plasmapheresis
    • Cardiac failure – Congenital heart disease , SVT , Rheumatic valvular heart disease , Myocarditis which require cardiac intervention and ICU care
    • Central Nervous System dysfunction ( Coma ) – Status epilepticus , complicated Meningitis, Head injury due to trauma –may require ventilation , neurosurgical intervention like VP shunt , craniotomy
    • Liver and Metabolic problem- Hepatic failure with Hepatic coma, IEM , Diabetic ketoacidosis
    • Paediatric surgical cases– Post op cases – Intussception with GI obstruction, Complicated appendicities, Cleft palate, Decortication
    • Cardiac surgeries – Post OP management of Open heart surgeries for VSD , Tetrology of fallot corrective surgery
    • Indiana Team of Specialist in each field are experienced in treating medical and surgical emergencies in paediatric population with support of fully equipped Paediatric intensive care unit and staff.


    Department of Pediatric Surgery
    Surgery concerned with the treatment of infants and children.

    This department in conjunction with department of Paediatrics and Neonatology provides comprehensive care of the surgical neonate, infant and child. From the day of birth to the age of 13 years, all surgical conditions in the child are managed in this department.

    This includes congenital disorders (birth disorders), infective, traumatic and neoplastic conditions, which need surgery such as, cleft lip and palate, anomalies of the ano-rectum, kidney, ureter and bladder, hypospadias, anomalies of the gastro intestinal system etc.

    These surgeries include both the conventional open surgery as well as endoscopic (keyhole) surgery’s of the chest and abdomen.


    The Institute is having following departments associated to it.

    1. Department of Paediatrics
    2. Department of Neonatology
    3. Department of Pediatric Surgery
    4. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology