• Keep Your Heart Healthy | Heart Health – 3 important aspects

    Keep Your Heart Healthy | Heart Health – 3 important aspects

    Learn more about how to keep your heart health

    Heart, one of the most important organs in our body, which literally keeps our body running. The strongest muscle of palm size works round the clock and provide blood to all our body parts. Since heartbeat is the source of our life, it is very important to ensure heart health. Surveys found out that heart diseases are increasing at a rapid rate due to carelessness and ignorance. Many of the food items we consume nowadays contribute to cholesterol and thereby heart issues.

    Common Heart Disease

    Often people use the terms ‘Heart diseases’ and ‘cardiovascular diseases’ interchangeably. However, cardiovascular diseases refer to the narrowing of blood vessels due to cholesterol and heart disease is the conditions that cause malfunction of muscles, valves or heart rhythm. Coronary artery affects the arteries, which supplied blood to the muscles of the heart. Valves control in and out blood flow of heart and Valvular heart diseases affects those valves. Cardiomyopathy affects heart muscles and arrhythmias affect heart rhythm. A heart attack occurs when the plaque ruptures and completely block the blood flow through the blood vessels. Being aware of all these will help in maintaining heart health.

    Heart health is something that has to be taken care of since childhood. The seriousness of heart health becomes known when we look at the statistics. According to Indian Heart Association, heart disease tops the killer list of the Indian population. When many believe heart disease affect older people, statistics say otherwise. IHA says that 50% of total heart attacks in India occur to people under the age 50 and 25% under 40. These statistics give a serious warning on the significance of heart health awareness since childhood.

    A few years back the number of heart disease was comparatively less. The lifestyle changes and unhealthy food habits backed the rapid increase in the number of heart attacks. Lack of exercise, junk foods, carelessness, everything is at blame. Here are a few factors, which you need to take care of maintaining Heart health.

    1. Lifestyle changes health

    It is no brainteaser that the change of lifestyle had very much affected the heart health. A few things; look simple, yet have a deep effect on our heart health.

    • Maintain physical fitness

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    Again, we don’t need much explanation on how physical fitness affects the heart. Exercising daily would reduce the cholesterol, diabetes and maintain the blood pressure level. The cholesterol deposition leads to cardiovascular diseases. In addition, exercise helps in the proper working of other body parts like kidney, which in turn would be beneficial for our heart. When body toxins are properly removed and fat weight is cut down, we can reduce the risk of heart diseases. You don’t have to go to the gym. Cycling, swimming, jogging and walking proved to be the best exercise methods. Yoga would help in not only maintaining physical health but also mental health, as Yoga is a mixture of body postures and meditation.

    • Keep track of your movements

    Many young people have white-collar jobs, which need hours of continuous working and do not need movement from the desk. People work for hours sitting in the same position, eyes glued to screens and coffee at the table. May look like a hardworking person, but at the risk of their life. It is important to take a break at regular intervals, walk around and relax. This is important for the proper body functions. Also, helps to get you relaxed and maintain mental health. Standing desks would help you to a certain extent; else, you need to take care of keeping the postures right and moving.

    • Stress – the greatest enemy

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    Stress is the greatest enemy of our body. Taking stress would affect blood pressure and blood circulation. It is obvious that high blood pressure gives extra pressure on the heart than it works normally. The level of hormones may change rapidly which is not at all good for maintaining heart health. As statistics says, young people are carrying huge stress at the office and carries the same to home. This will affect all the body functions including heart and hence leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and stroke at a younger age. Taking breaks, indulging in favorite hobbies and maintaining a social life would help in bursting the stress. Meditation works like a charm in reducing the stress and maintaining mental health.

    • Sleep – your friend

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    Often underestimated – yet proved to be the best medicine for the body. An adult person requires 7-8 hours of sleep daily for the proper functioning of the body. It is the time when our body relaxes and recharge for the next day. Therefore, it is important to get a sound sleep daily. Obese persons tend to oversleep and stressed people will not get enough sleep. This fact reassures the importance of maintaining the body weight and reduce stress.

    2. Food – You are what you eat

    It is important to maintain a balanced diet chart. While it is important to avoid junk foods with a lot of oil and carbs, it is also important to have the right food. Along with junk food, you should avoid carbonated drinks and sugary drinks. Every meal is important to maintain the heart health. Keep a track of calorie intake and limit the portions. You need to have more vegetables and fruits instead of fried and processed food. High fiber cereals and whole grains would help you in the proper functioning of the heart.

    You should choose low-fat protein sources and limit unhealthy fat intake. Butter, gravy, coconut oil etc. have unhealthy fat loaded; olive oil, avocado etc. have healthy fat. Be wise in selecting between two. You need to control sodium intake for heart health. Hence, it is important to notice the nutrient content of the food you have. An expert dietician can help you in the same. As food verities vary from place to place, a dietician can help you in creating a balanced and healthy diet chart.

    3. Keep the doctor closer

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    Apart from the lifestyle changes, there are other factors, which affect heart health. Some children have heart problems since birth. Some are gradually affected yet fail to diagnose. For the proper treatment of heart diseases, early diagnosis is important. For example, if you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, you can change the lifestyle habits to bring the situation under control. Many critical situations can be avoided if routine checkups are done. You need not be a patient/older people to visit hospital and checkup. This is a process helps you to diagnose early symptoms and prevent possible threats. Though it may look like an unnecessary expense, nothing costs more than a healthy life.

    Many people misunderstand heart disease with gas troubles and other normal diseases. The self-medication can go horribly wrong and sometimes costs a life. Hence, it is important to get proper medical treatment from expert doctors.

    The heart is the most vital organ of our body. The one, which supplies life to all other body parts. The efforts to take care it like a baby are worth it for leading a healthy life. The above-mentioned things would help you in maintaining your heart health.

    I hope this article helped you to understand, how to maintain heart health.

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