• Hazards of Food Poisoning and its prevention

    Hazards of Food Poisoning and its prevention

    Hazards of Food Poisoning and its prevention


    Most hazards of food poisoning and its prevention can be easily done by not eating contaminated and open foods. These foods that stay open are also sometimes infected by invisible microbes which affect the health of the people. This way then, the condition of the person may change from mild to severe if not taken proper care of. However, the condition can easily be diagnosed and treated if the primary things are noted down. In fact, there are few things that are highlighted about food poisoning.

    Major symptoms of food poisoning

    Knowing the symptoms of food poisoning and its prevention is easy if the symptoms are detected. This further makes the treatment and cure easier. The following are some symptoms of this condition:

    • Abdominal cramps


    One of the main sufferings in food poisoning is cramps all over the body, especially in the abdominal area. It is a major symptom of food poisoning and its prevention can be taken only after the primary check-up. Such cramps are mainly felt below the waist and in the pelvic area. It mainly happens when the toxins irritate the body. Sometimes, the person may also have a sense of inflammation and quickened bowel movements pertaining for long while.

    • General sickness


    Frequently falling sick can be a symptom of many illnesses. Sometimes, it might as well affect the functioning and resistance of the body. Few common conditions that can be found during food poisoning are fatigue, loss of appetite, aches and pains. These are mainly caused due to the increased number of cytokines. The need to know about food poisoning and its prevention is high these days due to the atmosphere we live in. All this finally affects the process of digestion.

    • Diarrhoea


    The main symptom of having diarrhoea is watery, loose and frequent bowel movements. It is, therefore, the reabsorption of the water by the body.  It is a dreadful symptom of food poisoning and its prevention is to keep rehydrating the body, time and again. Likewise, it is also advised by most doctors that liquids help in overcoming this condition. It is therefore said that the patient must consume a lot of water and consume juices throughout the day. This then makes the body stable. Also, diarrhoea can be quickly detected through the colour of urine.

    Best Remedies for Food Poisoning

    food poisoning and its prevention

    The best way to know food poisoning and its prevention can be effectively done through food control or altering of habits. The following are some of the remedies for the same:

    • Remain hydrated


    Water is the first cure suggested for those affected by food poisoning. It is one thing that naturally helps the patient to remain stable. Secondly, food poisoning and its prevention can be best-taken care of by drinking lots of water. In addition, plain cold water is said to effectively cure food poisoning in no time. Thirdly, to clean the stomach and improve the immunity, it is said to add ginger to warm water and keep taking sips. This way then, food poisoning and its prevention can be better-taken care of.

    • Be prepared


    In any case, it is always advised for the patients to either stick to natural medicine or prescribed medicine. Additionally, food poisoning and its prevention can be made easy by only consuming boiled water for a couple of days. Then, the next step is to get the blood tests done well in advance and confirm the condition of the patient first. Also, patients with food poisoning are advised to take antibiotics and only a prescribed diet.

    • Seek medical attention


    If the condition persists over 48 hours, then taking care of food poisoning and its prevention are not terms worth using. Here, again, special care is to be given to certain categories such as infants, young and elderly. Moreover, it is important to identify the severe symptoms and their frequency first. Correspondingly, the patients are to be taken to a doctor with no further delay. Then, as per the instruction of the doctor, they should be treated within 24 hours.

    Therefore, food poisoning and its prevention become simpler when the patient is given immediate and proper medical attention. We hope you understood more about the need and the risks involved in taking childhood obesity treatments. Please do comment on your views and doubts on the topic. Indiana Hospital and Heart Institute are one of the best hospitals in Mangalore. We always provide best treatments etc.