• Effects of Personal Hygiene on Health

    Effects of Personal Hygiene on Health

    The effects of personal hygiene on health


    Most of us are taught about the effects of personal hygiene from a very young age. Personal hygiene rather than being acquired from someone is imbibed by oneself.  It consists of physical, social and personal aspects. The kindergartens, schools and even professional institutions train their members regarding the importance of the same. However, no matter to what levels one tries, the missing of a day or two creates drastic changes. Therefore, it is equally important to train each person regarding the maintenance of personal hygiene.

    Aspects that matter most in personal hygiene

    Talking about the effects of personal hygiene, there are certain aspects or body parts that need to be deliberatively taken care of. The following are some of the aspects that matter the most in personal hygiene:

    • Hair


    Long hair is always the dream of every girl. However, the maintenance of long hair is not as easy as it sounds to be. Again, comparatively fewer problems are faced with regard to the hair. However, some of the most common hair related issues that people are said to undergo are lice, dandruff and greasy hair. Lice and dandruff are caused by the closer interaction with others and greasy hair is caused due to the over secretion of sebum (oil). All these are genuinely faced by all ages. Using a shampoo thrice a week is the best solution.

    • Teeth and mouth


    Teeth and mouth are the most sensitive parts of our body. These again are the parts that have a tendency to get easily damaged. Again, it creates effects on personal hygiene by creating cavities and infection. This as a result leads to mouth infection, smelly breath and plague. Similarly, there are chances of tooth decay and gum infections. Experts are of the opinion that rinsing of the mouth frequently, brushing twice a day and swishing water in the mouth can be helpful.

    • Areas prone to fungal infection


    One of the ill effects of bad personal hygiene is a fungal infection. A fungal infection is common to those body parts which stay covered all day long. It is frequently seen in feet and genital parts. As a result, there could be fungal infections and bad odours seen and sensed in these areas. Therefore, as a better solution, it is advisable to wash and clean these areas consistently with scented products or mild soap.


     Benefits of personal hygiene


    The effects of personal hygiene is said to produce an immense number of benefits in one’s daily life. The following are some of the benefits of personal hygiene:

    • Strengthens the personal relationships


    No one would ever like to maintain a relationship with someone who maintains poor levels of personal hygiene. Also, people keep deterring from such kind of people. Again, this may turn into a personal reason to avoid such a person creating an isolated feeling to that person. Hence, it is advisable to adhere to the practices of personal hygiene.

    • Enhances professional bonds


    Professional bonds also easily get affected by the effects of personal hygiene. It reflects the character of the person as an individual. Some of the traits of personal hygiene are being well dressed and well maintained. It is a better way of showing up rather than staying unclean and in presentable to the others. The maintenance of personal hygiene can also lead to better productivity on a day-to-day basis. It also avoids the distractions caused due to physical traits.

    • Maintains good levels of health


    It is good to rinse up once you have coughed, sneezed or touched an unhygienic surface. This is because the germs can easily be transferred to the body, causing infections. These infections can be mainly of three types- bacterial, fungal and viral. These types can easily spread across the body at  a speed, quicker than we can imagine. Maintaining good levels of health is therefore the key benefit of personal hygiene.

    Tips to personal hygiene


    • Rinse your hands every time you go out and return.


    • Rinse your hands before and after every meal.


    • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.


    • Brush twice a day.


    • Bathe twice a day.


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