• Department of Neurosurgery

    Department of Neurosurgery

    The Neurosurgery Department is a center of excellence for treatment of diseases of the Brain & Spine. This department is headed by an eminent neurosurgeon with vast experience in handling all kinds of Brain & Spine surgeries. The Neurosurgery Department plays a vital role in the Emergency and Accident care. There is a well equipped, neurosurgery ICU for critical neurosurgical patients. All types of brain tumors are being operated here, including, but not limited to glioma, meningioma, acoustic tumors, pituitary lesions, epidermoid and dermoid tumors. Vascular lesions like aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are also managed here with good results.  This department operates on various types of spine procedures including fixation.

      • Microscope Leica M525F40
      • Electric drill
      • Modern Operating Theatre
      • Micro surgical instruments
      • Craniotome and high quality cautery machine

      • Brain & Spine Trauma
      • Brain & Spine Tumors
      • Developmental Defects of Brain & Spine
      • Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks
      • Aneurysms
      • Degenerative Disorder of Spine
      • Various Spine Fixation Procedures
      • Peripheral Nerve Surgery