• Department of Paediatrics

    Department of Paediatrics

    Department of Paediatrics offers General Paediatrics, Developmental paediatrics, Adolescent medicine, Child Psychology & Immunization clinic etc… Department has good Paediatric medical and surgical intensive care units under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ali Kumble.

      • Paedaitric emergency ( 24/7) – All Medical and surgical emergence is including trauma
      • Paediatric intensive care – 6 bedded equipped with ventilators, provision for dialysis and post- op care. Caring for all paediatric emergency in all sub speciality – Cardiac, Nephrology, Neurology, Respiratory etc.
      • Level 3 NICU – 20 bedded equipped with warmers , incubators , CPAP , Conventional ventilator and High frequency ventilator. Caring for extreme premature babies( < 1kg ) from 26 weeks on-wards, comprehensive care for all sick newborns , Post-op care for neonatal surgical and cardiac intervention.
      • OPD service- General paediatrics and Neonatal population.
      • Speciality backup with Senior experienced Consultants– Paediatric surgery , Orthopaedic, Paediatric Cardiology , Cardio-thoracic surgery, Nephrology, Neurology ,Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT ,Endocrinology,Child psychiatry.
      • Provision for – Bedside Echo , EEG , Portable X-ray, Neurosonogram, CT , Dialysis available.  ENMG, BERA, VEP
      • Neuro development follow-up clinic and Physiotherapy department.


      Paediatric population suffer from various noninfectious disease and other serious illness which will end up organ failure requiring timely diagnosis and intensive care management.

      Tertiary care Services Offered


      • Respiratory failure –, Severe asthma , complicated pneumonia, ARDS, Emphyema and may require prolonged ventilator support ( conventional and HFO) , ICD insertion, Decortication and tracheostomy
      • Acute kidney failure – Hemolytic uremic syndrome , Leptospira , Dengue and may require dialysis or plasmapheresis
      • Cardiac failure – Congenital heart disease , SVT , Rheumatic valvular heart disease , Myocarditis which require cardiac intervention and ICU care
      • Central Nervous System dysfunction ( Coma ) – Status epilepticus , complicated Meningitis, Head injury due to trauma –may require ventilation , neurosurgical intervention like VP shunt , craniotomy.
      • Liver and Metabolic problem- Hepatic failure with Hepatic coma, IEM , Diabetic ketoacidosis
      • Paediatric surgical cases- Post op cases – Intussception with GI obstruction, Complicated appendicities, Cleft palate, Decortication
      • Cardiac surgeries – Post OP management of Open heart surgeries for congenital Heart diseases.
      • Indiana Team of Specialist in each field are experienced in treating medical and surgical emergencies in paediatric population with support of fully equipped Paediatric intensive care unit and staff.