• Department of General & Cardiac Anaesthesia

    Department of General & Cardiac Anaesthesia

    Anaesthesiologists are doctors who are trained to give anaesthesia, resuscitation, pain relief, intensive care management etc. They possess postgraduate degree Eg: MD or
    DNB and Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA).

      • Pre-anaesthesia check up clinics.
      • The department provides safe and effective anaesthesia for all specialty and super-specialty surgeries.
      • Pain relief services and intensive care for trauma patients.
      • Postoperative Intensive Care Services for patients undergoing major surgery and high-risk patients undergoing surgery.
      • Provides pain relief for normal delivery by means of epidural infusions of local anesthetics.
      • Pain and palliative care clinic run by the Department of Anaesthesiology & Analgesia for treatment of chronic pain including cancer pain and chronic pain syndromes.
      • Anaesthesia for very high risk patients
      • Safe and suitable anaesthesia procedures even for very high-risk, compromised patients for any type of surgery or procedures; for any age group from just born to the very old.

      • Attempts to reduce all kinds of pain acute post operative and chronic provides resuscitation services and training.
      • Preoperative intensive care and anaesthesia for patients undergoing all kinds of Heart Surgery – Adult & Paediatric.
      • Advanced monitoring in cardiac care.
      • Blood conservation during cardiac surgery by autologous blood transfusion.
      • Reducing blood requirement in children during cardiac surgery by utilizing modified ultra filtration technique.
      • Cost effectiveness by regular auditing in cardiac anaesthesia.
      • Major aortic, vascular Surgery & thoracic/lung surgeries.
      • Cath lab therapeutic and investigative procedure.
      • Post operative care after Heart Surgery – Has a well equipped Physiotherapy department.