• A new lease of life for a 74 year old man

    A new lease of life for a 74 year old man

    Mr. N Rajaram Rao, 74 year old man from Moodbidri, got fresh lease of life by implanting stent to his abdominal aorta and arteries of both legs and Kidney at Indiana Hospital by a team of doctors of led by Dr. Yusuf Kumble, Chief Interventional cardiologist

    Mr. N Rajaram Rao, 74 year old man from Moodbidri, having abdominal pain since few months. He was having a large aneurism in the blood pipe of abdomen extending up to both legs. He was referred to Bangalore Hospital but as it is a very very rare abnormality, correction of this abnormality was almost impossible by surgery and by any Intervention. So he left Bangalore with out hope. His days were counted as this huge aneurysm was growing day by day reached 80 mm (Where as normal is 30 mm)

    He came to know about Indiana hospital and challenge was taken by a team of doctors led by Chief Interventional cardiologist Dr. Yusuf Kumble, Dr. Anand – Chief Cardio thoracic surgeon, Dr. Mansoor, Dr. Sharath and Dr. Chethana Anand. Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm is a rare disease hence surgical correction is of high risk. It can be corrected by Intervention without surgery but not commonly done. A large covered stent can be placed inside the abdomen through artery of lower limb and blood will be passed through the artificial pipe from upper part of of the body to lower part of body excluding aneurysm. Slowly aneurism will regress and vanish.

    Challenge in this patient was that there was no gap to keep this device below the kidney arteries and aneurism was extending to both lower limbs. Doctors preferred a very rare technique called chimmney procedure with huge pipe is inserted inside the abdomen artery with stenting of kidney artery. This is first time done in Karnataka. It took more than 4 hours, Patient recovered with in 24 hours. Now is moving with out any problem.

    Abdomen Aota Aneurism (AAA) is rare disease of effecting elderly. Risk of death is almost 50% in six months. This kind of procedure can save lives.

    This is a rare achievement by Indian hospital Cardiology team. By this Mangaluru became in the lime light of advanced medical world Map- Dr. Yusuf Kumble added.